Lipofirm Pro

The ultimate body contouring and skin tightening treatment that brings advanced technology to reshape and rejuvenate your body. This non-invasive, cutting-edge procedure is designed to target stubborn fat deposits, cellulite, and sagging skin, delivering remarkable results with minimal downtime.

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How does it work?


Lipofirm Pro

Lipofirm Pro utilises the power of TriLipo Radio Frequency (RF) technology, combined with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), to effectively address multiple concerns in one treatment. The RF energy penetrates deep into the skin, heating and stimulating the underlying layers to promote collagen production, tighten loose skin, and improve overall skin texture and tone.

This innovative treatment is not just about skin tightening but also focuses on fat reduction. The dynamic muscle activation works in synergy with the RF technology, causing muscles to contract and relax, enhancing blood circulation, and accelerating the breakdown and elimination of stubborn fat cells.

Experience the transformative effects of Lipofirm Pro as it sculpts and contours your body, smoothing cellulite, reducing inches, and restoring firmness and elasticity. Whether you’re targeting specific areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or arms, or seeking an overall body rejuvenation, Lipofirm Pro can be tailored to your unique needs.

One of the key benefits of Lipofirm Pro is its ability to provide noticeable results from the very first treatment. However, for optimal and long-lasting effects, a series of sessions is recommended. Each session builds upon the previous one, maximizing the benefits and revealing a more toned, sculpted physique.

Embrace the power of Lipofirm Pro and unlock a new level of body confidence. Reveal a contoured silhouette, smoother skin, and a revitalized appearance with this advanced, non-invasive body contouring and skin tightening treatment. Experience the future of body sculpting with Lipofirm Pro and discover the transformation you’ve been longing for.

Lipofirm Pro Treatment

Small areas £25

20 min

Large areas £85

30 min

All treatments

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